Laice G. O'Malley

L  A  I  C  E    G.    O  '  M  A  L  L  E  Y

Actress. Writer. Storyteller. Producer

Nice to E-Meet You!

I am a SAG-AFTRA actress, writer, storyteller, host, and producer!

I am passionate about breaking down stigmas, normalizing the human condition, being there for others, owning my mental health, and reminding people that they are not alone. In an effort to integrate those values more deeply into my life I have created a podcast!

As of September, 2020 you can catch me hosting the Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay podcast on Apple Music and Spotify. Listen as we break down societal barriers and get real. These times are isolating enough, and this is the content our society needs!

When I am not making films, recording podcasts, or hiding handwritten notes for strangers I am writing grants and securing funds for individuals and nonprofits that I believe in!

Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay

Here is a teaser for my new MSYFAO podcast! For more info on the podcast click here!

You Are Not Alone Video

Feeling alone? I created this uplifting video of people from all over the world to tell you that you, in-fact, are NOT alone!

Notice You Video

Check out this awesome video my talented friend LeyeT made to honor our friendship!

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